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Yamaha Y135LC
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Yamaha T135 is an underbone motorcycle. It is also known as the Spark 135 in Thailand, Sniper in the Philippines, Jupiter MX in Indonesia, 135LC in Malaysia, Exciter in Vietnam, and T 135 Crypton X in Greece. It is made by Yamaha Motor Company and powered by a liquid-cooled 134.4 cc (8.20 cu in) 4-stroke engine. This underbone is fit for circuit racing than his rival Honda Sonic 125 and the Suzuki Raider 150 and one of the most fastest 4 stroke underbone in the asia. In 2008, the fuel-injected version of the Yamaha Spark 135 was launched for the Thai market, making it the second underbone motorcycle using fuel injection after the Honda Wave 125i. There are 3 main Yamaha factories that assembles T135. These are Indonesia, Thailand and newest is Philippines.

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