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Bacteriophages: Practical Applications for Natures Biocontrol presents the latest information on uses in healthcare settings as well as animal husbandry, management and care of farm animals by using enhanced phages to replace antibiotics for growth promotion in animal feed or to prevent, control and treat disease in animals. The book will provide an overview of the function of phages and what researchers need to know, from phage hunting to laboratory design, management, production and application using different tools and methods. These key aspects will be discussed through a series of dedicated chapters, with topics covering auditing, validation, data analysis, microbial identification, culture media, and contamination control, etc. Professor Sabah A. A. Jassim : Adjunct Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Windsor, is CEO of Applied Bio Research Inc., Canada. His research and academic contributions span 29 years. Sabah was awarded his M. Phil and Ph.D. degrees from Nottingham University and Loughborough University respectively, both in the UK. He has worked as a faculty research fellow and an adjunct professor at Nottingham University, UK and University of Guelph in Canada, respectively, focussing in phage biotechnologies. He was also a visiting professor at Universiti Putra Malaysia supervising a research post doctoral team working on phage design technology. Sabah has also worked extensively in the private sector focussing on practical applications for his scientific research, especially relating to biota as well as bacteriophages and related topics. Mr. Richard G. Limoges: Currently a businessman, operating two successful small businesses in Windsor, Ontario where he met Sabah several years ago. Mr. Limoges now acts as Chief Administrative Officer of Applied Bio Research, Inc., a company dedicated to the commercialization of Dr. Jassims various innovative technologies. Rick has a long history of community service having served for 14 years (5 terms) as a Member of Windsor City Council and Chair of numerous Local Boards and Committees. He was next elected Member of Parliament, Windsor-St. Clair in Canadas 36 th Parliament. Prior to his election as an M.P., Mr. Limoges worked as a Senior Manager in one of Canadas largest banks. Rick is a graduate of the University of Windsor with Honours in Business Administration, and has applied his communication skills to assist Dr. Jassim in disseminating his research and lifes work into several peer reviewed publications in scientific journals and now this book. In recognition of Ricks efforts and dedication to assisting Dr. Jassim with this work, he is honoured to be named as co-author in several of Sabahs publications

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